Ball gown wedding dresses are the epitome of the dress that every young girl dreams of wearing on their wedding day! All of the princesses in our favorite Disney movies model these gorgeous dresses for their most special occasions and especially when they tie the knot. This is where most of us get our first ideas about one day walking down the aisle in a marvelous ball gown. Princess ball gown wedding dresses traditionally have a fitted bodice and a full skirt made of elaborate fabrics only fitted for a grand ball, of course. But, ball gowns can come in an assortment of styles and designs. Try a lace ball gown wedding dress or one with crystals, iridescent stones, or beautiful intricate designs. A ball gown with bling makes for a stunning and sparkly entrance. Ball gowns can also come in a variety of different fabrics. Ball gowns can be made of satin, tulle, chiffon, or taffeta. Stop in either of our two locations to browse through a variety of different ball gowns at different price points, and even shop our sale rack for extremely cheap options.

These magnificent dresses, which are only worn by the most royal and dramatic of us all, come in many types. Ball gown wedding dresses can be strapless, one shoulder, or have two straps to give you extra support if you desire. You can find a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, a straight across neckline, an off the shoulder neckline, or even a neckline that comes farther up to give a more modest bride exactly what she wants. A long sleeve ball gown would be a spectacular option for a winter wedding. Ball gown wedding dresses with sleeves give you added comfort and warmth so that you can remain comfortable all night long. After all, it is the one special day that you are allowed to get exactly what you want and be the perfect princess that you are. Furthermore, dazzling ball gowns will look appealing on all body types. Ball gowns are commonly designed with corset backs, allowing you to create the perfect fit to your upper half. Your groom's jaw will hit the floor when he sees you walk out in an extravagant ball gown. Make your special day all you've ever wanted. Make your wedding a true fairytale and stand out in an elegant and timeless ball gown, because after all, ball gowns are only fit for true princesses anyways!